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System Status

    | SysStat |

    Display information about System Status.
    Below are the available switches and there usage.

    help    - To view manual of this script.

    ver     - Get version and other info.

    To view specific output use below switches for details.

    short   - Short switch provide summary details of system.
    la      - Load average details minute ago.
    cpu     - Processor details and top 5 CPU consuming process.
    mem     - Physical and swap memory details and current top 5 memory consuming process.
    net     - Network devices and there IP Address.
    pro     - Top 5 memory and CPU consuming process.
    host    - Hostname, running kernel, OS version and current system manager info.
              For system manager info this command is need to be run with root privilege.
    disk    - Info about the disk and mounted devices.
    h       - Only display hostname.
    all     - To get all info about current system.
    nc      - Monitor Internet connection with 3 second interval.
    nc log  - Redirect output to a file under the path "/tmp/netc/Year-Month-DayoftheMonth.log".
              To cancel kindly press Ctrl + C combination keys.
              To keep it running like a daemon then kindly add ampersand (&) at last.

    Example:    `  help '
    Run this script without any switch you will get help page.

Running version 0.6.9
ScriptName: SystemStats
Author: Sanju P Debnath

Sample commands only to run.

$ bash <(curl -s ver
$ bash <(curl -s all
$ bash <(curl -s short